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Weyer's Tavern and Adrian Cotters
 Charles and Maria Schilling, emigrated from Ireland to America sometime in the 1850's. The couple arrived in Royal Oak where they purchased a farm on the southwest corner of Woodard Ave. and Twelve Mile Road (now the city of Berkley). They build a home and lived by farming their surrounding forty acre farm. Their daughter, Nettie, inherited the farm and lived there until her death in 1932. The Schilling farm was then left without heirs.
The Schilling home was purchased by Paul Weyer soon after Nettie's passing. Weyer, for ten years prior, had been the chef and proprietor of the Northwood Inn on Woodward Ave at Catalpa. He opened Weyer's Tavern in the Schilling home and operated it until 1938. Weyer then sold the restaurant to Adrian Cotter. Cotter's Tavern was a popular local eating establishment until 1967 when it was closed and demolished.

Paul Weyer and the two thugs-
One day in 1931, Paul Weyer was preparing the daily take from the day's business at the Northwood Inn. He had entered his car so he could take the money and deposit it in the bank when two men, who were waiting for him, climbed in the rear seat and demanded the cash. They told him if he turned around to get a look at them they would “full him full of holes!” I thought this stuff only happened in the movies. Anyway, he handed over the money and didn't look back, so he survived. He did get enough of a glimpse at the men to give police a good description, but I don't know it they were ever apprehended. This was still during prohibition and Weyer told police that he recognized the men as those who had tried to strong-arm him into selling liquor for them at the Northwood Inn. Risky business this restaurant stuff!

The above information was graciously provided by David Hunter of Berkley.


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