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1835 Letter

Letter written in November of 1835 from Norman Castle to his sister Miss Harriet Castle.  For the contents of this letter read the transcription that follows. To be noted, this letter is 174 years old writtern before the Civil War.

Reverse side of the letter is used as an envelope (notice red sealing wax). It's addressed to Miss Harriet Castle, Royal Oak. Return address is Clyde Mills of M. T. (Michigan Territory). From Norman Castle, of Southfield. Dated November 30th

Desmond November 29th,1835
Respected Sister:

By this short epistle you will understand that I have written two letters before this and have received no answer. I have enjoyed good health since I left home and hope the rest of the family have enjoyed the same blessing.

I shall be rather limited in this communication one reason is I have nothing to communicate that is of much consequence and another reason is the weather is so cold that my ideas are entirely frozen up and for this reason I shall defer writing again until the weather begins to moderate.

I am to work on Black River about 8 miles from it’s mouth. I am getting 15$ per month the snow is about two inches deep here and people judge that the weather is about as cold as it gets anytime last winter.

I want you should write to me as soon as you receive this write all the news you can and let me know when Eunice went home.

Direct your letters to Clyde Mills, St Clair Co. M. T. (Michigan Territory)

Yours with due respect
Norman Castle

Castle/Parker/Blodgett letters from the 1800's generously donated by Jean Blodgett of Farmington. 

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