Billy Durant

Founder of General Motors

William Crapo Durant was a true entrepreneur. He was not a builder of cars but rather a builder of companies;

a dreamer who put several automobile companies together into what became the world’s largest corporation.

Find out the roles that David Buick, Ransom Olds, Walter Chrysler, Charles Nash, and Louis Chevrolet played in the

development of General Motors

Explore the life of this somewhat unknown icon of American industry.

Learn about how this high school dropout became worth millions and yet died penniless. This presentation with visuals covers his successful life before

entering the automobile industry, his creation of General Motors, his exit from the company and his attempts to begin again. The strengths and weaknesses of his personality, his family life, and his contributions to

American industry are all discussed.

A one-hour presentation with visuals by Russell Doré, automotive presenter. He is a Board Member of the MotorCities National Heritage Area, a member of the Henry Ford Heritage Association and the Northville Historical Society. He holds Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in the social sciences.