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Glen Thornton

      Long time Royal Oak resident, Glen Thornton, flew 30 missions 
     over Europe as a B-17 Navigator in WWII. When he returned to the  
States he finished his service learning radar for the B-29. This
marked him for another war.
      During the Korean conflict he was called up to be a Radar Officer on
      B-29's flying out of Okinawa. On his 30th mission over North Korea,
      his plane was severely damaged by a MIG. Glen had an artery in his
      arm severed by a bullet. The B-29 was leaking fuel so the pilot 
for South Korea and landed in friendly territory. Glen was  
      taken to
Japan for treatment and recovery, and his first child was born 
      while he
was hospitalized. Upon his recovery he was transferred to
      Okinawa for
further flight duty. The doctor on Okinawa said he was
      very pleased
with his recovery, and then paused. He said, "Glen, you
      have 30 in
WWII and 30 in Korea, and you have a family"? Glen
      confirmed. The
doctor said, "Glen, that arm doesn't work so good. I'm
      sending you
      Glen received a Distinguished Flying Cross for his service in WWII
      and another for his service in Korea. He spent the rest of his career
a manufacturers representative for industrial lighting fixtures. He 
in 2007.
     By Don Calder

                  Glen Thornton (navigator) far right botom row.

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  Glen in Oshkosh, WI. in front of a B-17.

Glen and his brother.


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