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Dates in Royal Oak Schools History

Did you know that Kimball High School was built in 1957 at a cost of $4.5 million dolars?
In 2006 dollars that would be around $32.25 million dollars.

1824  School District No. 1 -- Parker stood at Thirteen Mile & Woodward

1824  School District No. 5 was named Williams School. It was located on the corner of Thirteen Mile and Rochester
           (where Mary Lyons School was located)

1830  Royal Oak becomes a township

1834  First school teacher, Harriet Castle, hired at $1.50 a month to teach at Parker School

1837  Michigan becomes the 26th state of the USA

Before 1850  The first school in Royal Oak City was a log building between Fifth and Sixth Streets on Williams. It was
                        later moved to Main and Third. (Others say that the first school was located at Main & Lincoln)

1854  School Board built a new school to replace the old one in same area. Male teachers paid $40 a term; female
           teachers paid $30

1868  Royal Oak built a large two-story wooden schoolhouse on the corner of Williams and Fourth. It housed all 
           grades. When no longer needed, the building, furnace, foundation, and property was sold to Captain George
           Parr for a total price of $1,300.00 in 1902

1891  Royal Oak becomes a village

1900  Royal Oak has a population of 468 residents

1900  Royal Oak High School Class of 1900 has two graduates -- Matilda K. Storz  and John Campbell

1902  Royal Oak High School Class of 1902 has two graduates -- Anna Hilzinger and Ray Russell

1902  Union School was a  brick building built on the corner of Lincoln and Washington. It housed all grades between

Royal Oak High School Class of 1903 graduates -- Minnie Eseman, Bessie Richards, Rose Stauch and George

By 1911 there were 65 high school students. They called it Union School because it "united" all classes in one building.

1911  The Union School had two rooms on the second floor that were used for the high school

1912  A small schoolhouse was added on the corner of Center and Lincoln. This housed the kindergarten on the first
           floor and the Superintendent's office on the second floor

1912-13  Royal Oak's first Superintendent, E. J. Lederle, convinced the village to build a high school This first real
                 high school was located on the northeast corner of Main and University ( 308 N. Main ). Mr. Lederle's high
                 school later became Clara Barton  Junior High School when the new high school was eventually built

1915  The first class was graduated from the new high school

1916  Mary Lyon School was built This was an elementary school at first. In 1953 it  became a junior high school. A
          cafeteria added in 1952.  There were other additions in 1953,1961, and 1965.  Closed in 1980 and     
          demolished in 1982

1918-25  Land was purchased for $3,500 n north side of Thirteen Mile just west of Crooks. A  new two-room brick
                school was built for $3,200. Shortly after this, the first six-room unit of Edwin A. Starr School was built

1919  Longfellow Elementary School was built.  Additions were made in 1930 and 1980

1919  Parker Elementary School was built near 13 Mile and Woodward. Parker was renovated in 1952,1954, and
          1965.  It closed in the Fall of 2003 and was demolished in 2005

1919  Starr elememtary was built also to meet the need of more elementary students. Starr was updated a number of
           times starting in 1952, 1954,1962, and 1980.

1920s The high school (later Clara Barton) and the Union School were the only two schools in the village.

1920  First issue of "The Oak" has 132 pages and sells for $1.50

1920  The population of Royal Oak is 6,007 residents

1921  Royal Oak becomes a city

1922  Royal Oak High School PTSA forms at school on Main Street; open house draws more than 1200 visitors

1922  Whittier School was built.  Updates and additions took place in 1945 and 1977

1923  Northwood School was built Northwood was enlarged and renovated in 1941 and 1977

1924  U.S. Grant Elementary School was built.  Renovated in 1952 and closed in 1980

1924  Oakland Elementary School was built.  Updated in 1928,1950,1953, and 1977

1924  Washington Elementary School opened.  It was renovated in 1947 and closed for good in 1975

1923-24  Royal Oak High School (Clara Barton) was bursting at the seams. Both junior and senior high shared the
                 school, making full use of every room, including the auditorium and stage

1925  Only 50 seniors graduated this year.  Two years before there were 150 students in the class. The curriculum
           was geared toward the college bound students in those days, which might explain the large dropout. All
           cherished assemblies and picnics. Picnics were held at Lake Orion and the amusement park. Girls Lit
           Dances gave the girls a chance to invite that special boy. The boys sweat it out hoping for an invite, or not,
           depending on who it was. Musical Events found the choirs rehearsing in a wooden building on the north side of
           the school and performing at the Baldwin Theater. Washington trips for seniors were fun filled and hectic. They
           traveled by rail stopping in places like Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry, Monongahela Valley, and of course,

           Washington, DC

1926  Election held to pass bond to build a new high school

1927  Royal Oak High School Class of 1927 -- 62 graduates before the new high school went into use. The school
          day is extended from six hours to eight and 1/2 hours

1927  January -- 13,000 cubic yards of earth were removed and 750,000 bricks were laid, 40,000 feet of lumber and
            70 tons of steel supported the new school. It was built to house over 1,800 pupils. Franklin Elementary School
            is built. Additions were made in 1953 and 1978.  The school closed in 2003

1928  The new Royal Oak High School opens on Washington at Willis with Henry Ponitz as principal

1934  The painting of the (3) murals begins at Royal Oak High School. The murals were part of a Works Progress
           Administration's Federal Art Project (WPA) to provide jobs to thousands of artists. Two murals were painted
           by Andrew Maglia and one by Bronislaus Makielski. Students  from the high school helped with the work.  One
           student, Evelyn Glass Curtz, posed for one of the figures used in the murals

1939  Royal Oak Schools has nine elementary schools, two junior high schools and one senior high school

1946  6463 children were enrolled in the Royal Oak Schools. There were 318 non-resident students, grades 10-12
           totaled 1732 students, Kindergarten alone had 1912

1949  Lockman School is built with renovations in 1952. 1954, and 1997. Lockman became part of Keller in 1998

1950  The population of Royal Oak is 46,898 residents

1951 Oak Ridge Elementary School was added with updates taking place in 1953, 1962, and 1978

1951  Upton School was built with additions taking place in 1952

1952  Jane Addams started as an elementary school. Almost immediately construction was started at one end to
           house a junior high. In 1953 it housed the elementary school at one end and the junior high at the other.
           Renovation took place in 1961. In 1998 the elementary school end was closed to accommodate the middle
           school concept

1953  Lincoln Elementary was built and updated in 1954. Lincoln becomes the Early Childhood Center in 1998

1954  Mark Twain was built and underwent additions in 1954 and 1961

1955  July -- ROHS is renamed George A. Dondero High School

1955  The average home in Royal Oak was assessed at $3,000

1957  Jefferson Elementary School opens - additions take place in 1967 and 1977.  Jefferson closes in 1981

1957  Clarence Kimball Senior High is built to help ease the growing need for another high school

1957  Royal Oak High School is re-named Royal Oak George A. Dondero High School - Thus, both high schools are
           named after noted men in the community. Dondero undergoes various additions and renovations in 1962,

1959  Emerson Elementary opens. Later, Emerson becomes the Board of Education office in 1983

1961  Helen Keller Junior High School opens. It undergoes renovations in 1997 and becomes a Middle School in

1963  Last of new building of schools takes place with the building of Churchill Elementary

1964  Churchill Elementary opens. 

1967  An addition was added

1977-79  Renovations were made to make it into a junior high

1980-81  Churchill becomes a Junior High only

1998  Churchill became the Community Educational Center

1998  Royal Oak Schools include 18 elementary schools (Addams Elementary, Churchill, Emerson, Franklin, Grant,
          Jefferson, Lincoln, Lockman, Longfellow, Northwood, Oak Ridge, Oakland, Parker, Starr, Twain, Upton,
          Washington, and Whittier), 4 junior high schools (Addams, Barton, Keller, Lyons) and 2 senior high schools
          (Dondero and Kimball). They service over 18,000 pupils

1970  Royal Oak reaches the height of its population at 86,238 resident

1979  Clara Barton is demolished in December of this year

1997  Keller has renovations and the following year (1998) opens as a middle school

1998  Lockman School becomes part of Keller and a Middle School in 1997

1998  Royal Oak census figures report a population of 60,062 residents

2000  Kimball undergoes extensive renovations in order to accommodate students from Dondero High School as
           well as Kimball

2006  Kimball becomes Royal Oak High School once again.  Royal Oak High School (Ravens) has a total of nearly
          1800 students. Dondero High School is closed to undergo extensive renovations before opening in 07 as
           Royal Oak Middle School

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