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The Royal Oak Historical Museum announces its
Family History Scrapbook Project!

The Royal Oak Historical Museum invites you to record and archive your Royal Oak family history. We would like to hear your family stories, and add your family genealogy and history to our archives.

Who can contribute:

Descendants of a Royal Oak founding family
Lifetime or long time residents of Royal
What can you contribute:

    *Stories about growing up, living and working in 
      Royal Oak.
    *Were you a witness to a significant event in Royal
     Oak history,  or do you have a first hand account of
     an amusing local  story?
    *Did you have a family member that owned a
     business in the1800’s? . . .  Was your  aunt a  
     school teacher in the 1950’s? . . .  Did your 
     grandfather start a club or civic  organization in  
     the1930’s? . . .  Did a relative hold a local public
     office, work as a civil servant, invent something
     locally, or influence the history of Royal Oak?

We want to preserve your stories, to share with the community and future generations!

What are we collecting?

Bring us your historic family photos, journals, newspaper articles, written or recorded  histories, any family, or business memorabilia (Copies are fine for us. You can keep your originals).

Come share your history with us!
Contact us at mversagi@versagivoice.com 
 or phone- 248.439.1501

Families that have already contributed include-

The Watch family history- "My Hundred Fifity Years in Royal Oak" by Thomas Watch-1860

"The Watch Family Farm" as dictated by Albert and Mary Watch to Lillian Watch- 1930

The Reynolds Smith family history- "The Henry Reynolds Farm"- 1853-1882

"Royal Oak Biography" by R. A. Parker- 1921

                              Ella Parker Benjamin

"William Nancarrow History" by Ronald Nancarrow- 1894-1972

"Dorothy Norton Hessell" by Gloria Moran harper- 1912-2007

"Miller Family History" by Frederick Miller- 1891-2007

Parker School 1862

Benjamin, Hawkins, Darrow Families

"Harry and Aldonna Gordon" by Aldonna Gordon

A Biography of George A. Dondero" by Deborah lee Dondero

"History of John Munroe" by Victor Nelson Jr.

"Stephen Rought" by Marjorie Crumley

"Ferris Gardner's Collection of Letters and Correspondence" by Ferris Gardner

Many family photos and documents have been contributed by the following pioneering familes of Royal Oak Emmert, Parker, Blodgett, Schroff and Benjamin


                Grace Parker

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