Royal Oak Remembered

by Bonnie Burnett, 5/13/2019

I remember the submarine sandwiches at Kresge as well as buying sliced ham there.  Mom remembered when they sold rabbit freshly prepared for dinner.

I also remember a shop behind Kresge and Woolworth on Lafayette named Chocolate Square. My favorite flavors were Blue Moon and Licorice. 

I remember popping balloons for a chance to win a free sundae at Sanders, as well as walking down to Brown's Creamery on Washington for ice cream on a hot summer afternoon.

Always a burger fan I remember sitting at the counter and enjoying the great burgers served at Kay's and R&J at 4th and Center near the railroad tracks.

If Mom needed a birthday or special occasion card, Klebba's always had a great selection. It was the place to go for day after Christmas cards and wrapping paper.  For a unique gift, no one could beat Sally's gift shop on 4th and Lafayette.

There are many more I could mention:  Neisner's for a great deal on basics and sewing goods (and fresh home-baked pie); Fields, RB's and Winkelmann's for fashion; Romeyn's, Clar Mar and Royal for various things including prescriptions.  Meyer, Chin, and Dobie for jewelry; Hocking-Gilles and the Buster Brown store for shoes.

And who could forget Hagelsteins and Hermann's for baked goods?

Or the Good Housekeeping Shop for table linens, towels, and home goods and the annual Midnight Madness sale.

For dinner out, The Lantern, The Beefcarver, Susie Q, and Glady's Pantry were close by, reasonable and good.  For a quick lunch Quick Snack at the North West corner of Main St. and 11 Mile.

For groceries, one had a choice of Food Fair (later Chatham, Framer Jack, and Oakridge), A&P, Hollywood and Holiday Market (very small when they first started out).  Who could forget Lombardi's, Sam's Fruit Market and the meat market on Main St. south of 4th St.

There are many more favorites like the Totem Pole, Hedge's Wigwam, AmyJoy donuts, Pasquale's and Royal Children's shop on Rochester Rd. as well as the small convenience/candy stores.

Once again, thanks for the memories.